Worship is to “declare or attribute worth to something.”  Our culture teaches all of us to worship something - success, sexuality, celebrity, technology, and more. Missiologist Alan Hirsch writes, “Everyone has a god, in the sense that everyone puts something first in ones life: money, power, prestige, self, career, love and so forth. There must be something in your life that operates as your sources of meaning and strength, something that you regard, at least implicitly, as the supreme power of your life.”  These things will disappoint us if we make them the center of our heart - they are inadequate to satisfy our core longings. 

We believe worship, then, is how we rightly reorder our hearts, our mind, our affections, and our imagination, around God’s goodness and grace.  God becomes the supreme power of our life.  Our vision for worship is to see God for who he actually is, and then respond with gratitude, wonder, thanksgiving and awe.  We do this through the weaving of word and song, creating space for reflection, celebration and praise, and by retelling the good news of the rescuing love of God expressed through Christ in our gatherings.


Join us for worship at any of our Sunday gatherings (details here).  After each service concludes, we create an intentional time of "lingering," for anyone who would like additional time to pray, sing, or receive prayer.  We hope you'll stay for it! 


We are creating a culture of expectant worship and prayer in the middle of Hell's Kitchen.  Every morning this fall Monday to Thursday, we will have an open hour of prayer and worship, for anyone to join.  

This is an essential expression of who we are as a community - we want to see the full work of God happen in the middle of New York City, and we're calling on him daily in worship.

WHEN:  Every Monday through Thursday.  8-9 am.
WHERE: Coram Deo, 409 w 45th st, 1st fl.
WHO:  This is open to anyone, bring a friend.


Break the Soil is our monthly prayer and worship night.  Join us for an open time of worship, intercession, ministry, and prayer.

See our Calendar for details on upcoming nights.

Location: Coram Deo (409 w 45th). 7p-9p.



We are always looking for more people whom God is calling to worship him, and serve the community by participating in our various worship events.

If you're a skilled vocalist or musician and have a desire to serve, email us and we will send you the worship application.  Stay tuned for additional details about our worship auditioning process.