No matter how long you are in New York City, or decide to be part of our community, it's never too early or too late to get involved in serving in a number of ways.  We have 8 different SERVE teams that gather in different ways, and help us facilitate the work God is doing in our community.

All of our serving teams gather at our Sunday Huddle.  If you want to try out a SERVE team, just come to Huddle!

10:00 am for the morning service
4:30 pm for the first evening service
6:00 pm for the second evening service

Want to learn more about our SERVE teams?  Click below.


Want to serve within the Church, but not sure the best way to get started?  Try out our Serve Course.  This is a 4-week course developed within our community, that helps you understand your set of gifts, strengths, and skills, and gives you a recommendation for how to serve in the best possible way given your gift mix.  This is a great tool for self discovery, and we recommend everyone take it! 

We Currently Run the Serve Course 4 Times Per Year

Morning - 9:00 am, Eleanor Roosevelt High School (before first service)
Evening - 3:00pm, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School (before second service) 


We believe that serving those around us, with mercy and compassion, is an essential part of pursuing the way of Jesus.  Cities increase our proximity to the broken and hurting.  We as a church are committed to long-term, sustainable relationships with people and ministries that are serving our city well.

Our Next City Renewal Service Week is November 12 to 19.

To browse our service opportunities, click through below.  If you have an opportunity or question you'd like to discuss, email our Director of Mission.


We have a number of longstanding international ministry partners that we support as part of our commitment to seeing God's heart brought forth into the world through the Church.

To join our Mission team, or for more information, email


This course will help you explore the basics of living a Missional Life - sharing your faith, stewarding privilege, working with excellence, overcoming challenges, and more.