Want to Lead a Community Group?

Our community groups are where we practice the Way of Jesus together - in apartments, in parks, on the streets, and around tables, together.

Groups are where those in our church are known - it's where our people grow in Gospel, Identity, Community, Mission, and Power.

The people who steward and care for these groups can take on a number of different roles - host, facilitator, recruiter, care, and more - but the calling remains the same.  You're a frontline shepherd, walking alongside people for a season, learning and practicing the way together.

Leadership Application

If you'd like to lead a community group, we need you know a few quick things:

Commitment - We'd like you to be a leader for at least two consecutive ministry seasons, and longer if possible.
Consistency - We ask you to commit to being present at our training events and gathering nights as much as you're able.
Communication - We ask that you dialogue with us, whether it's updating your group page, or sharing stories of what's happening.
Character - We're inviting you to take seriously the call to hold yourself to a higher standard of spiritual leadership, and model discipleship to others.

The application process is "rolling," but all new Community Groups need be ready to rollout the week of September 9, for the fall ministry season.  Here's an outline of the process:

1. Submit the Application below (Fall apps are due Aug 22)
2. Interview with Groups Leadership Team
3. Come to Fall Vision Conference
4. Go through New Leader Orientation (September 6)
5. List your group online and begin recruiting for your group
5. Come to Group Leader Training Nights

Fall Training Nights are from 7-9pm, the following dates:

September 6 (New Leaders Only)
Sepetmber 20
October 18
November 15
December 13 (Christmas Party)


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Are you starting a new group, or taking on leadership in an existing group? *
Which of the following roles are you personally most comfortable with? *
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Please answer the following:
I'm confident in sharing my faith and discipling others
I'm clear on the expectations for Church of the City Group Leaders
I'm energized at the idea of leading and not close to burnout.
I feel a personal sense of integrity and ability to model spiritual leadership in my own life.
I'm willing to commit to doing this for at least a full ministry season, or longer.