The creative team is responsible for all of our visual media experiences for the entire community.  This includes all of our Sunday visuals, our digital communications, our social media platforms, and other campaigns and events.  We want to be incredible storytellers who invite people into what God is doing in our midst through incredible content and design.


There are a few essential functions of the creative team.  These are all collaborative volunteer roles - we want this to be a unique opportunity to contribute creative and strategic talents to the work of the church in a unique way.  We want lead the way and show other church communities how to empower and deploy real creative gifts in their midst.

1. Strategy - Help us determine what to do, when, and why, in order to effectively communicate the mission and vision of the church, and invite people to participate in the way of Jesus with clarity across all of our events and initiatives.

2. Photo and Video - We have top of the line gear available, and need volunteer photo and video capture frequently.  We need a large rotation of people in this space, who can capture content quickly and efficiently, as well as editing and production.  We have so many stories waiting to be told visually.

3. Web and Visual Design - Help us develop artifacts across the community, like website landing pages, event branding, sermon series branding, teaching decks, announcement slides, social media content, email newsletter content, small books and publications, and more.


The creative team is led by Tyler Prieb and managed on a slack channel.

Interested in joining the creative team, or even just being available for occasional projects within our church?  Fill out your details below.