Getting connected in New York City can be a huge challenge. People travel regularly for work, they move apartments and neighborhoods, and transience seems to be the norm - it can be frustrating. We are aware of the complexities and obstacles to connecting into the life of a church, and have designed a pathway to help make this as simple and practical as possible.


Eat-Ups are a friendly, low commitment way to meet people in our community like yourself who may be looking to connect into the life of our church. Twice a month, after the Sunday gathering, leaders from our connection team host a meal to get to know new folks, hear a little bit more about each others stories, and highlight some other connecting opportunities and upcoming events. The eatups meet at the connection table in the lobby and leave shortly after the gathering. You can ask someone at the connection table for more information.


Twice a month, after both the morning and evening service we host “Into to Church of the City”  which is a 30-minute overview and orientation of our church.  The goal is to help you learn more about our mission, vision, values and discipleship pathway. It's a big picture look at our church as a whole, and is designed to help you evaluate where you are, and what your next step of engagement is. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about our vision, mission, values, practices and life. At the end of Intro to Church of the City we provide several opportunities to further connect that include the following.

If there is any other way that we can help you get connected please reach out to



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