Formation happens in community, and nowhere is that more important for followers of Jesus than in a place like New York.  Everything wants to lay claim to your heart.  Being integrated into a strong ecosystem of groups and friendships is essential for authentic discipleship.




CORE communities are what we call the "radical minimum standard" for discipleship.  These are designed so that anyone, anywhere can participate, with no training or facilitation.  We don't organize these - we empower you to do them yourselves!  This is simply an environment of 3 to 4 people that meet regularly to invest in four simple practices that will bear rich spiritual fruit - Confession, Outreach, Reading, and Encouragement.  The way to join a CORE group is to start one! 

Download the PDF below and start your own CORE group.


We have groups of all types that meet around New York City.  These groups are a great way to make new friends, build relationships, and practice the Way of Jesus with other people. Our groups move in "seasons," although we have a number of open groups that you can join at any time - click through below to see all of our available groups.

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Alpha is a series of hosted dinner parties, exploring questions of life, faith, meaning, and Jesus.

Typically run over twelve weeks, each gathering explores a different question about faith, and leads to open conversation in an honest, informal space.  Alpha always includes a great meal, a thought-provoking talk, and a no-wrong-answers discussion.  


Every month, we have open events for anyone in our community to meet, connect, and have fun.  Some of these are "after work" meetups, and others are family friendly gatherings - like ice skating, apple picking, Christmas tree cutting, and more.

Keep up with our calendar or newsletter to find out where we'll be next!


Come gather with the women of church of the city - whether single, married, mother's, or otherwise - and be a part of our larger community, seeking to pursue the way of Jesus together in the midst of all the complexities of life in New York City.

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