Formation happens in community, and nowhere is that more important for followers of Jesus than in a place like New York.  Everything wants to lay claim to your heart.  Being integrated into a strong ecosystem of groups and friendships is essential for authentic discipleship.



We have community groups of all types that meet around New York City, focused on discipleship, book study, Bible study, and more.  These include groups focused on men, women, couples, or others, and are larger than CORE communities.  Being a part of these groups is essential to life in our community.  We have a number of "open" groups that you can join at any time.

Can't find a group that fits you?  Talk to us.
Want to lead a new group?  Start here.


CORE groups are what we call the "radical minimum standard" for discipleship.  These are designed so that anyone, anywhere can participate, with no training or facilitation.  We don't organize these - we empower you to do them yourselves!

CORE is simply an environment of 3 to 4 people that meet regularly to invest in four simple practices that will bear rich spiritual fruit - Confession, Outreach, Reading, and Encouragement.  The way to join a CORE group is to start one! 

Download the PDF below and start your own CORE group.


Throughout the fall, we will have weekly morning discipleship groups for men, women, moms, and more.


Tues, 7 am - Midtown (409 w 45th).


Wed, 7 am - Midtown (409 w 45th).
Thurs, 7 am - Upper East Side


Tues, 9:30 am - Upper East Side
Wed, 9:30 am - Midtown (409 w 45th)


Come gather with the women of church of the city - whether single, married, mother's, or otherwise - and be a part of our larger community, seeking to pursue the way of Jesus together in the midst of all the complexities of life in New York City.

NOV 3 - Our Savior Church (57th and 9th)

DEC 1 - Our Savior Church (57th and 9th)


Alpha is a series of hosted dinner parties, exploring questions of life, faith, meaning, and Jesus.

Typically run over twelve weeks, each gathering explores a different question about faith, and leads to open conversation in an honest, informal space.  Alpha always includes a great meal, a thought-provoking talk, and a no-wrong-answers discussion.  

The fall Alpha series will begin on Tuesday, September 12, from 7:30pm to 9:30 pm, and takes place each Tuesday through November 28.

Interested?  Contact our Alpha Coordinators for details.

Alpha Upper West Side Contact
Alpha Upper East Side Contact


Alpha Marriage is an 8 week discussion course from the Alpha organization, designed to facilitate conversations for engaged or married couples to strengthen their marriages.  

This takes place in Midtown on Tuesday evenings at 7:30.

Want to join?  Email coordinator Won Kim.